Chain World – Session Two

Chain World is a game series in which a bunch of awesome people get together to play Dungeon World. Every other session, a new GM will take over and run a game, showcasing a multitude of GMing styles and techniques while still being just plain fun.

The actual game follows the exploits of the Owlbear Scourge, a company of adventurers known primarily for their skill in slaying owlbears, for better or worse. Their numbers include:

– Aliana the Bard, an elven harpist singing songs of great legends, and working on new ones about her own adventures. “She wants to be the Peter Parker of her world.” More than a bit of a heartbreaker, who’s unlikely to go to the same town twice. Played by +Misha B
– Andromeda the Star Mage, a glittering-haired blue-skinned alien accompanied by a ball of burning plasma. She’s here accidentally, and can’t leave, so she might as well enjoy the trip. Played by +Jenn Martin
– Sha-Sheena the Barbarian, tall and powerful and covered in strange tattoos, with a helmet made from the skull of an animal never seen around here. She might want to conquer this entire region, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with her, right? Played by  +Sarah Richardson
– Aetheldreda de Graves the Paladin, with fiery eyes, serving the sun-god Basileides. Known as Graves to her comrades, she wants to help people, bringing them the word of her god, while stabbing people who’ve fallen into night. Really, she’s got your best interests at heart. Played by +Andrea G
– Charfiend the Immolator, a salamander who has a thing for fire, and playing with fire, and lighting things on fire, and fire. Because it send them to a better place! It’s for the best. Played by  +Brendan Conway

This time, the GM will be +Mark Diaz Truman. Come and watch  the Owlbear Scourge rock out!

If you missed the first session, you can find that here:

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