About Indie+

Indie+ is a community of role-playing game fans, some tabletop, some LARP, too. What’s the indie part? From the very beginning of the tabletop RPG hobby, our fun was created by people like you and me, making games or modules for friends, drawing dungeons or playing to find out. Now, we’ve got online publishing and crowd funding and all kinds of tools to help us pursue the dream of making our own games for (or with) friends. That’s indie.

What’s the plus part? We are a growing community on Google Plus, which is linked to our YouTube account. We’d love to have you aboard. Games are happening all over the internet, and your first (or fifth!) step could be with us, if you’re interested.

Want to learn more about these cool games? Watch our actual play videos- we have exhibition games run by the designer and community games run by and for community members.

Want to hear from the folks who made them? Check out our panels or talk shows- we talk technique on running and playing games along with important discussions on inclusivity and diversity.

Please subscribe, like and comment on the videos that you enjoy or find helpful, or ones that leave you with questions- gaming is a conversation.

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